Strategic Direction

In the 2016 – 2020 period, CRECO retains the ideological foundation of its establishment while making fundamental shifts in its modus operandi.  CRECO will give greater focus on its emerging role as the organization that consolidates learning, identifies and pilots innovation; promotes learning, facilitates capacity development through training and exchange of best practices. In this way, CRECO becomes a resource organisation for CSOs in Kenya and East Africa. Ultimately, its over-arching goal is to consolidate civil society leadership for constitutional governance.

In this Strategic period CRECO will focus on the following three Priority Areas:

1.      Strengthening CSOs in Kenya operating at county and national level, as well as technical support to CSOs in Eastern Africa pursuing constitutional reform in their respective countries;

2.      Constitutional awareness among citizens in Kenya and attitude change to ensure that constitutional reform achievements are sustained and enhanced; and

3.      Promote CRECO’s institutional growth and sustainability.


Strategic Objectives

Pursuant to the priority areas identified, CRECO’s definitive objectives in this period:

Strategic Objective 1: Design, develop and implement programmes for civic engagement on the Constitution

Strategic Objective 2: Ensure effectiveness of CSOs work in Kenya at national and county levels

Strategic Objective 3: Enhance the internal capacity of CRECO to deliver on its mandate effectively and efficiently.

Within each objective are specific activities that CRECO will implement