Core Values

CRECO’s work and stakeholder relations are guided by the following five values:

·         Teamwork: CRECO members, board and staff will at all times work with the spirit of collaboration and cooperation towards the achievement of its vision and mission.

·         Integrity & Accountability: CRECO members, board and staff will observe honesty, conduct their affairs and business in an open manner and willingly subject themselves to public scrutiny and critique.

·         Tolerance and Respect for Diversity: CRECO members, Board and Staff will at all times be required to exercise tolerance in their dealing with other people and organisations; promote recognition of, and respect for, diversity based on age, gender, sex, religion or ethnicity among its ranks, partners and the wider society.; and observe this in line with the Constitution of Kenya Article 27 (4).

·         Equity and Equality: CRECO will uphold and reflect the essential dignity of all men and women in all its affairs and business at all levels, at all times. CRECO shall apply affirmative action in its structures, membership, systems, operations and programs to promote the interests and needs of marginalized and disadvantaged groups.


·         Innovation: CRECO shall stimulate, promote and support new and creative thinking and practice among members, the board and staff.