The Management Committee (MC) is mandated to implement the policies of CRECO. It comprises of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer and two members with the Executive Secretary being an ex-official member. The MC meets on a monthly basis or on a need basis.

The Management Committee (MC) is in charge of the affairs of the Secretariat and acts as an advisory body.   Members sitting at the CRECO MC are drawn from the 23 organizations that make up the consortium.  The MC is made up of the following:

1.      Chairperson – Cornelius Oduor – (CEDGG)

2.      Vice Chairperson – Christine Kalikanda – (CHRCE)

3.      Secretary – Judy Nyaga – (UDPK)

4.      Vice Secretary – Seline Mwawasi (SEMA TRUST)

5.      Treasurer – Peter Gitonga  – (COBADES)

6.      Member I – Andrew Songa – (KHRC)

7.      Member II – David Babu – (Kazi Riziki)