Our Competitive Advantage

Over the years, CRECO has been involved at different levels in initiatives that promote constitutionalism, constitutional reform and education in Kenya and is progressively offering support to civil society in the East African region.

CRECO sees her competitive advantage in three key areas. These include capacity development, which has primarily targeted her 23 members, but could potentially expand to the larger civil society; coordination of initiatives in line with her mandate which has included innovation that has contributed to growth of the sector; and civic education and engagement targeted at Kenyan citizens, and also through offering technical support to CSOs in countries in East Africa.


CRECO also identifies two areas in which investment has produced results and is an area of work, which CRECO aims to build upon in this strategic period, and enhance her competitive advantage. The first is in the area of ICT use in governance work. CRECO worked with an ICT partner to develop a platform for civic engagement and for citizen mobilization, which is proving to be an effective outreach and civic education approach. Second, is producing research publications that are considered credible information sources and have become reference points especially on elections and governance, adding value to knowledge in and of the sector.  Social media has given Kenyans a platform to express their views. Internet utilization has grown significantly and use of smart phones technology. CRECO to collaborate with technology related firms such a Safaricom or Google in order to co-share skills in democracy and governance work.