Devolution FAQ Answered

Living the Constitution-‘Constitutionalism’-is indeed a daunting task! After years of struggle- a struggle that cost lives, livelihoods and careers, a struggle that had many gallant Kenyans incarcerated, maimed and traumatized forever,

Kenyans gave unto themselves a new constitution that sought to address all those issues that were subject of the struggle.

Almost three years since promulgation of the Constitution, we pause and ask: Are we living the Document? You be the Jury!

The first step towards constitutionalism, in our view, is to know what it says. This can be facilitated through Civic Education. The next step is doing what it commands and ensuring that everyone does the same. This will require Civic Engagement. The third; Civic Disposition is knowing by heart what the

Constitution says, believing in its Supremacy, faithfully following its commands and jealously and zealously defending it. Constitutionalism is both an individual and collective responsibility. As such, you will have Kenyans trying to make the first infant steps at it, while there are those already at the last step!


In our effort to contribute towards constitutionalism, CEDGG has been involved in carrying out civic education in Nakuru County. The approach has been to work with communities to enable them understand what the constitution says, leverage the knowledge by demanding accountability from their government especially at the County level and vigilantly watch over it all the time.

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