This report gives the final overview of the project, Mainstreaming HIV awareness in Democracy & Governance CSOs. The project was implemented between December 2008 and September 2009 in Nairobi. The report states the project goal and objectives as outlined in the project planning document. In brief, this report gives results or outputs, outcome, impact emerging after the project implementation, challenges/lessons learned and recommendations made there off.

A total of 24 member organisations and one non-member organisation were reached through 3 workshops organized with the intention of developing the consortium policy and their HIV/AIDS work place policies. The project sort to establish how many among the consortium members had developed HIV/AIDS work place policies and consequently assist those who did not have the said policies, to develop their own.

Some of the activities which the project intended to accomplish by the end of the project period included;

· Needs assessment of member organizations/capacity audit

· Sensitization workshop for CRECO and its members

· Development of a consortia HIV and AIDS policy

· In house training and policy development for member organizations

· Monitoring and Evaluation

· Publication and launching of the Consortium policy


All the activities have been concluded as planned and CRECO is pursuing possibilities of ensuring that the 24 members get few copies printed for them and for those who can make copies for themselves, then they be allowed to continue.

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